Where Children get Early Education in a Caring Environment

NSK Foundation –Thumpamon is formed with an objective of imparting quality education and also to conduct social welfare schemes to the general public in state of Kerala, India .
The Trust envisages it’s first project viz A world class K-12 Residential School at Thumpamon in terms of Infrastructure, academic excellence , co-curricular activities , personality development of children. The School shall have CBSE - International & Cambridge (IGCSE) Curricula. There would be most modern residential facility for students and teachers . The day scholars are facilitated by a fleet of Air Conditioned Buses offering door step student pick up . The school is designed in such a way that it can emerge as the “ Centre of Excellence” in the region.

The Project is promoted by Visionary NRI Entrepreneur Shri N. Surendra Kumar - a native of Thumpamon under the mentorship of veteran academician Dr. Abraham Ebenezer, Founder Chairman of Ebenezer International School Bangalore who is a receipient of National award from the Honorable Indian President. Dr. Abraham Ebenezer was formerly the Principal of the prestigious Bishop Cotton School Bangalore for more than a decade.

The Project is expected to Commence the works in August 2016, so as to Launch first batch admissions on October 2017 for the academic year 2018-19. Upon the successful implementation of the School Project, the Trust has plans to come up with many social welfare charity projects which can be useful to the development of public .



Our Vision

The Vision is more significant to the school leadership team. The people who create and who administer, operate, pilot the one's who outlined projects and build strategies. It is our vision to establish such temples of learning in India and across the world where academic excelllence interwines with the moulding of character as well as essential life skills immensely benefitting future generations who would in turn contribute to the world involved as legacy for posterity.

Our Mission

The Mission of International Residential school, Thumpamon is to provide purpose driven quality education in a stimulating environment empowering intellectual leadership strengthening independant thought and motivates students to dream big. Our Mission is to celebrate diversity, promote tolerance, foster understanding amongst the students of all religions and cultures and to challenge each student to become a passionate learner and an achiever.

Our Core Values

At International Residential School, Thumpamon - we believe that Excellence honours God and this deeply understood belief falls the crux from where we derive our core values. The core values replace important upon are set to guide the actions of everyone associated with the school.How would anyone lesser our test if these four values are impacting the school community, there will be evidence of the core value in everything it does. It will derive decisions, it will infiltrate and saturate the instituition and lastly if the core values are violated it is sure to evoke strong reactions. We honestly work on the following core values Compassion, Humility, Integrity, Fortitude, Whole Excellence and Perseverance.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosphy is to colloborate learning at International School Thumpamon. Commit to educate each child and honour the diversity of each individual. It aims to foster a sense of self beliefand responsibilities. The programs are designed to evaluate and monitor and address the students issues. We always believe in the developmental needs and personal learning styles of our students. In the school, the staff and students the dynamic potential of the growth to become a vibrant learning community dedicated to the academic, ethical and social development of the next generation. Our global society will be based on intellectual leadership. Our school firmly believes  "In no child is left behind" policy.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles will be to provide world class education. We believe it is vital for parents, teachers and pupils to work together to achieve effective responsive partnership to build well-being of each child. Revalue small size numbers in each classrooms to individually nuture our pupils offering an innovative and balanced curriculum to prepare students for the challenges of 21st century. We emphazize continued personal and professional devlopment as essential elements for our dedicated and committed staff members. We uphold the values of honesty, integrity and respect for others. Encourage network learning through technology. We believe in community service to inculcate our students the values of helpfulness, sharing, empathy and being grounded. We offer a Board International education designed for local and expatriates students.

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